Post War British aims to present reference and ephemera – mostly related to 1950’s and 60’s British Lighting design, with occasional touches of Art, Culture and Music.

With a particular fondness for the work of architect husband and wife team – John and Sylvia Reid, we hope you will find the PWB site of interest.

Over the years we have been very lucky to connect with a small number of like-minded collectors. If you too love British Lighting and have info to share, or ‘tales of the hunt’ – please get in touch.

Unless otherwise indicated – all photos are by PWB, and scanned materials are from the PWB collection.

Post War British.
est. 2019

Liberty x Forrest Modern

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Liberty’s fourth floor was clearly the place to be in ’53.
Special order Forrest Modern floor lamp (long rod extension above the red reflector shade) + a very cute desk lamp from the same range, with golden yellow bowl shaped reflector.


George Forrest & Son Ltd.

J&S Reid instagram

Forrest Modern

John Pantlin