Post War British aims to present reference and ephemera – mostly related to 1950’s and 60’s British Lighting design, with occasional touches of Art, Culture and Music.

With a particular fondness for the work of architect husband and wife team – John and Sylvia Reid, we hope you will find the PWB site of interest.

Over the years we have been very lucky to connect with a small number of like-minded collectors. If you too love British Lighting and have info to share, or ‘tales of the hunt’ – please get in touch.

Unless otherwise indicated – all photos are by PWB, and scanned materials are from the PWB collection.

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est. 2019

Jim Johnson / Rotaflex

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In 2013 I spoke with architect Jim Johnson (b.1933) regarding his time as John and Sylvia Reid’s assistant in 1956/57.

Our Q&A follows – below this wonderful photo – that Jim took of a Rotaflex GB / Geni Products exhibition stand that he designed whilst working for the Reid’s in 1957, and kindly agreed to share via PWB.

We believe this may be the first ‘public facing’ exhibit featuring the Metallux range, proceeding the press campaign that started in ’58.


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